Application of vibrating screen in food and medicine industry and related problems

- Dec 01, 2017-

Because most of the material particles to be screened are irregular, the cause of clogging is also varied among a wide range of mobile linear vibrating screens. In order to effectively prevent the shale shaker mesh plugging, measures should be taken to deal with the above reasons for the mesh plugging. When the material size is smaller, more mud content, and the sieve size is small, the moisture on the screen clogging play a decisive role. When the material is more than 5% moisture, if unconditionally drying the material, the screen surface, sieve for targeted selection. When the moisture is greater than 8%, should be used wet screening. The flaky particles of more material, you need to change the material crushing method and different crushing process flow with the granularity. Reasonable adjustment of screen tension is to reduce the screen plugging an effective method of reasonable tension so that the screen mesh with the support beam produced a slight secondary vibration, thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of plugging holes, the specific approach is, The tension hook made of constant tensioning mechanism, that is, to install the spring on the tension bolt.