Anchor bolt pull out tester basic operation

- Mar 27, 2018-

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Basic operations of anchor bolt pull out tester

Check oil volume: if the oil cylinder piston not back the the cylinder completely, firstly should connect the cylinder to the manual pump, release the unloading valve of the pump, let the hydraulic oil return back to the manual pump. Screw out the oil filling oil, check the oil volume, if oil not full, can fill in n32 or #46 abrasive oil.


Drainage: after the hydraulic system is well installed, should exhaust the air inside the oil cylinder, oil tube, and hydraulic cylinder, the method: place the manual pump on a place higher than the hydraulic cylinder, press the pump, let the piston extend out, then open the unloading valve to retrieve the piston, and repeat this for several times then ok. Can open the oil filling valve if necessary to exhaust the air inside the oil storing cylinder.


Install the pull rod to the end of the anchor rod, if the internal thread external diameter larger than the oil cylinder center hole, can add an extended sleeve at the cylinder bottom.


Press the manual pump with uniform force, do not press too hard, when the pressure reach, stop to press. Be noted that the manual pump should be placed in a horizontal position. After test, should release the unloading valve to reduce the pressure to zero, and remove all the parts. 

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