Analysis of Linear Shaker Components

- Dec 01, 2017-

Drive vibration source: The drive vibration source uses two vibration motor, synchronous reverse operation, so that the vibrating sieve body material to be screened linear motion, repeated work, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of screening materials.

Damping damping: can effectively achieve the purpose of shock absorption, not to pass too much excitation force to ensure the normal operation of the device.

Sieve body structure: All parts of the sieve body are made of rolled steel and welded profiles (part of the group for the bolt connection) overall stiffness, solid and reliable.

Screen frame: DZSF type for high-quality wood, lightweight and durable, can also be hook plate type; ZKS type hook plate or pressure plate, solid and reliable.

Screen: Wire mesh woven square hole or steel mesh, welded wire mesh, bar network, but also according to user requirements using other types of screen.

Screen body (vibration part): supported by the spring on the lower seat, the damping effect is obvious.

Screen cover: The general use of Q235A carbon structural steel, bending bending strength, can effectively achieve the dust effect.

The sieve machine and rocking screen, electromagnetic vibrating screen, rotary vibration sieve, has the following characteristics:

High screening accuracy, simple structure, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, low noise, good sealing, reduce dust pollution, long screen life.