Adjust the vibration sieve weight Chung method

- Dec 01, 2017-

Rotary vibration sieve is one of the most widely used vibration screening machinery, many customers can not figure out how to adjust the vibration motor, so that the equipment to achieve better screening results based on different materials, the so-called vibration sieve hammer is We can adjust the vibration motor additional weight, in the upper and lower weight (upper and lower eccentric block) with an additional side of the weight, so you can increase the vibrating shaker excitation force, according to the proportion of screening materials and customers selected shaker Different layers, appropriate increase or decrease exciting force and adjust the number of additional weight. Second, you can change the phase angle of the vibrating motor up and down the hammer, thus changing the material in the shaker screen residence time and motion trajectory. As the vibrating screen part of the work is fine operation, so in operation can not avoid this kind of problem, and sometimes when screening materials, the material situation is different, this time by adjusting the upper and lower weight to adjust the material screening, Achieve better results.