Rotary Kiln Scanner

Rotary Kiln Scanner

The kiln scanner system is specially used to detect the running status of cement rotary kiln
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Rotary kiln scanner, Kiln temperature scan system

The KTS-2000 kiln scanner system is specially used to detect the running status of rotary kiln, it can provide complete running parameters of the rotary kiln, it's an important testing equipment to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the rotary kiln.  This system features fast detection speed, accurate temperature collection, reliable and stable performance under harsh environmental conditions, abundant test information, friend human interface, easy operation. 

Rotary Kiln scanner system

Technical specifications

Scanning Scope ≧60m  

Point response time20us

scanning frequency 20Hz

Temperature measurement accuracy±2℃

Repeatability ±1℃

Scan cycle1 Circle of kiln 

Thermal resolution500: 1 or above

Scanning points1250 point/line 

Target sizeMax 21 cm(when scan scope is 60m)

Temperature measuring range 100℃~700℃

Temperature resolution <1℃(200℃black)

Optical resolution( 90% power)150: 1

Hot spot detection( 50% power)450: 1

Scan angleself -adaptable, 40~110 adjustable)

Scan distance 0.3m~limitless 

Scan frequencyoptical line scanning 25HZ

Response kiln rotation speed8~40HZ, typically 25HZ

Image number of pixels180000(300*600)

Image fresh frequency equivalent to kiln rotation speed

Infrared detector USA InfraRed MCT

Infrared detector typeHgCdTe(MCT ), degree 2

Spectrum range2. 2um~5. 6um

A/D converter 12Bit(72db) 0. 5MH

Sampling pointz 1024

Working modecontinuous 

Ambient temperature/humidity -20℃~ 55℃, No condensation

rotary Kiln temperature scanner software

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