Vertical Load Tester Of Glass Containers ISO 8113

Vertical Load Tester Of Glass Containers ISO 8113

This equipment is a specialized equipment used to test the strength to vertical load of glass containers under ISO 8113 standard.
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Product Details

Model: BZ-KY-02


Test standards

GB/T 22934-2008, ISO 8113:2004


Customer self-defined test mode, multi test mode, pressure holding value and duration of each step can be set

PLC control and touch screen operation & display, easier operation

Test curve real time observed

Customized made pad available for different shape sample, easier for sample fixing,

Applicable sample height max up to 500mm

Debris recycling bin design to better ensure the safety of operators and facilitate the collection and cleaning of sample fragments

overload protection

Safety door design, tester can’t do any test under safety door not locked to guarantee the safety of operators

USB data port




Measuring range

20 kNor customized made


1 NWhen <20 kN

10 Nwhen>20 kN以上)


800mm(L) × 500mm(B) × 130mm(H)

Net weight

200 kg

Power supply

AC 220V/380V, 50Hz/ 60 Hz


Options parts

Dedicated mini printer, high-precision calibration device, data analysis software

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