Migration Test Cell

Migration Test Cell

The migration test cell is used for pre-treatment of migration test of food contact material and products in contact with water, vegetable oil and other non-volatile food simulants
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Completely complies with relevant standards and is designed and manufactured in full accordance with GB/T 5009.156-2016 to ensure the consistency of the migration test

Using high-quality stainless steel, no trace material precipitates out of the material itself

Adopting thickened screw rod center compression sealing structure to ensure no penetration of single-sided sealing

Large single-sided contact area and volume, which improves the pretreatment efficiency

The sealed structure of the migration test cell ensures that the part outside the test area of the sample is not in contact with the food simulant, ensuring the validity of the test area

Suitable for flexible food contact materials and products



GB/T 5009.156-2016,GB/T 31604.1-2015,GB/T 23296.1 -2009



Contact   form

single or double sided

Contact   area

100 cm2

Straight   path

Φ112.8 mm


200 mL

Operating   temperature

5 ~ 180


175 mm(L) × 140 mm(B) × 63 mm(H)

Net weight

8.2 kg

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