Film Pendulum Impact Tester ASTM D3420 NF T54-116

Film Pendulum Impact Tester ASTM D3420 NF T54-116

This equipment is used for impact strength test of plastic films, sheet, composite film, metal foils,it fully complies to the GB/T 8809-88, ASTM D3420, NF T54-116 standards.
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Product Details

Model: BZ-CJ-01


GB/T 8809-88, ASTM D3420, NF T54-116


Adjustable measure range, and the electronic measurement can easily and accurately realize the test under various test conditions

Pneumatic clamping, pneumatic release of pendulum and level adjustment auxiliary system effectively avoid system errors caused by human factors

The system automatically counts the test data, and intuitively displays the test results to the user

Microcomputer control, LCD display, menu interface and PVC operation panel, convenient for users to quickly perform test operations and data viewing

Mini printer and standard RS232 interface to facilitate the external connection and data transmission between equipment and the computer

Laboratory data sharing system, unified management of test results and test reports


Work principle

It tests the sheet film impact strength by measure the power needed for the hemispherical punch to impact & penetrate the sheet film with a specific speed.



Impact energy

3J, 5J(optional)


0.001 J

Punch size

Ф25.4 mm,Ф19 mm customized

Specimen size

100 mm x 100 mm or Ф100mm

Air pressure

0.6 MPaby customer

Air connection

Ф6 mm Polyurethane (PU)tube


600 mm (L) × 390 mm (W) × 600 mm (H)

power supply

AC 220V 50Hz

net weight

64 kg



Main unit, 1J basic pendulum body, capacity 2J weight 1pc, capacity 3J weight 1pc,Ф25.4mm standard punch 1pc, Ф19mm standard punch 1pc,Ф89mm standard test splints (including O-rings) 1pair, Ф60mm standard test splint One pair (including O-ring) 1pair, mini printer

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