Carton Compressive Strength Tester ISO 2874

Carton Compressive Strength Tester ISO 2874

This equipment is used to test the compressive strength of cartons such as corrugated box, honeycomb board box.
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Product Details

Model: BZ-KY-01

Test standards

GB/T 4857.3,GB/T 4857.4,ISO 2874


MCU test control system

Integrates function of test, display, data storage, Statistics, print, and compressive curve real time display

Test standards optional, automated test

Can do deformation test under constant pressure; compressive test under constant deformation; can test max crushing force and stacking test

 Micro printer to test result

Safety functions: Overload protection, alarm on fault, travel limit protection



Measure   range

9 kN,20 kN,30 kN,45 kN

Force   resolution


Deformation   resolution

0.1 mm

Test rate

5,10,12.7 mm/min

Test space

600 mm (l) × 600 mm (w) × 600 mm (h)

Overall   dimension

1000 mm (l) × 1000 mm (w) × 1300 mm (h)

Net  weight

500 kg

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