Non-contact Online Moisture Content Analyzer

Non-contact Online Moisture Content Analyzer

It's a non-contact online moisture content measuring equipment, adopting infrared technology, output 4-20mA signal.
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Steel industry: sintering mixture, pellet raw materials, before and after drying, pelleting, etc.
Non-ferrous metals: bauxite, copper concentrate, mineral sand, nickel ore, gold, silver, lead and zinc concentrate, alumina and colored smelting, etc.
Tobacco industry: cigarette packets, tobacco stems, tobacco leaves, tobacco, re-baking, tobacco, etc.
Grain industry, paper industry, food processing, ceramics industry, glass industry, cement industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, timber industry, paper industry, etc.

Technical specifications 

Measuring range: 0-99%

Resolution: 0.01%

Measurement accuracy: 0.1%-0.5%

Measurement channel : 10

Height range: 250mm±100mm

Ambient temperature: 0-50 °C (add cooling medium when it is exceeded)

Ambient humidity: 5-90%

Repeatability: 0.1%

Response time: 0-60 seconds

Filter range: 0-2.5%

Power supply : 220V 50HZ, 100W

Light interference: not affected by ambient light changes, and the probe does not need a hood.

Temperature effect: Automatic temperature compensation is basically independent of external temperature changes

Probe(inside the host)  

Dimensions: 310mm (length) × 180mm (width) × 175mm

Weight: 7kg

Shell standard: stainless steel box, IP65

Ambient temperature: working temperature 0~50°C, 0~80°C (with cooling plate)

Cable length: up to 50m

Measuring height: 250mm±100mm

Measurement range: dia. 40mm at rated height

Power supply: AC 220V AC 50/60Hz, 50W

online moisture contenet measuring instrument probe

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