High Temperature Furnace Camera System

High Temperature Furnace Camera System

The NZ-500 High temperature Furnace Camera system is a CCTV specially used for high temperature occasion.
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High Temperature Camera, Kiln Camera, furnace monitoring CCTV

The NZ-500 High temperature Furnace Camera system is a CCTV specially used for high temperature occasion, it's quite suitable to be used in cement kiln and cooler, also can be used for steel plant heating furnace, annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace, gasifier, waste treatment plant incinerator where the furnace wall thickness is approx. 500mm, it's more used in areas where are lack in water.

The camera lens can be extended directly into the furnace(under 2000) for real time monitoring of the flame and material working condition. With temperature measuring device and temperature measuring software, the inner furnace temperature will be real time indicated on the television screen.

The camera and lens movement is automatically controlled by PLC, when there is any error occurred in power supply, compressed air supply, temperature, the detection unit will exit automatically controlled by PLC.

The detection unit is cooled only by compressed air in occasions where uses coal, oil, or gas.

Main features 

The system adopts dual optical path structure, integrates color CCD and near infrared CCD together to make out the “full field view real time monitoring system” for the inner workpiece surface temperature. The system can quickly detect the workpiece position, surface temperature, free to detection distance, high accuracy, wide range. 

Applicable to the furnace with thickness approx. 500mm           

Spiral air curtain let no dust on lens 

Sapphire high temperature lens        

Whole body made stainless steel, corrosion resistance and high temperature proof

Direct viewing  and Endoscope lens             

PLC programmable control, DCS software to control camera menu and aperture

Automatic exit protection device, exit error alarm          

Air cylinder transmission structure 

27× optical Zoom(3.6~78) integrated camera 

Front end 500mm high temperature proof optical pinhole lens 

furnace wall with thickness 500mm no need to open bell mouth, direct installation with observation hole. 

Remote setting of camera by install a control software on computer, no need to go to site to open the probe cover

High temperature Camera System 

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