Universal Geosynthetics Sample Maker

Universal Geosynthetics Sample Maker

This machine is used to make geosynthetics sample in laboratory.
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Product Details

Model: GZY-5

This machine is used to make geosynthetics sample in laboratory, it can make sample of geotextiles, geomembrane, composite geotextiles , composite geomembrane. The samples can be used for wide stretch test, trapezoidal tear test, CBR puncture test, hydraulics test, opening size test, vertical permeability test, hydrostatic test.



Dual work mode for multi type sample making

Pneumatic hydraulic dual cylinder mode for better cutting effect

Infrared induction for safety protection, knife loading status indication, lower die loading status indication, emergency stop button

Can connect external air compressor or integration air supply

Acceleration rate and time adjustable to fit for different material

Working with DM knife die, can make samples with different size


Technical specifications

Sampling pressure: max 60KN,

Working air pressure: >0.5Mpa(5Bar)

 Working efficiency: 20sec per time

Working travel: 150mm

Sample thickness: 20mm

Power supply: AC 220V, 50hz

Overall Dim.: L600*W700*H1650

Net weight: 160kg

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