Geotextiles Sunlight Climatic Test Chamber

Geotextiles Sunlight Climatic Test Chamber

This test chamber is used for testing properties of geotextiles resistance to sunlight and climatic.
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Product Details

Model: GT-3000

This test chamber is used for testing properties of geotextiles resistance to sunlight and climatic. The test chamber can provide real natural conditions of light irradiance, temperature, humidity, rain. 




Imported parts, modular design, stable performance

Microprocessor control, LCD touch screen, friendly human-machine interface.

Digital close-loop control of light irradiance to reach full digit automatic control & measurement, irradiance automatic power compensation; Irradiance sensor made in japan, high accuracy, good stability. 

Precision optical filter complies to national standards. 

Full digits automatic control of humidity, ultrasonic humidification with good uniformity, temperature & humidity sensor made if Switzerland with high accuracy and stability. 

With time accumulation function, can check the accumulation time of xenon lamp and optical filter to ensure the operation time limit to confirm the accuracy of test result. 

Housing material made of quality stainless steel with dual-sided plastic spray. 

Liner made of SUS 304, corrosion resistance, easy clean, nice appearance 

The quartz glass filter can let the spectral cutoff of radioactivity near to the ground sunlight 

Temperature control: refrigeration or circulation air, uses TAIKANG full sealed compressor, intelligent PID temperature control to reach dynamic equilibrium

Safety protection

If compressor fail to work then xenon lamp will automatic off

Water lack protection device, automatic alarm if lack in water

Powrsupply phase missing protection

Working chamber over temperature protection

Compressor thermal overload protection

Chamber door open xenon lamp automatic off, no radiation to operators

Technical specifications

1. Xenon lamp power: 2.5KW (air-cooled long arc type). 

2. Tooling Life: 800 ~ 1000 hours

3. Xenon lamp wavelength: 280-800nm

4. Xenon radiation intensity: 550W/m2

5. Trigger power: 2.5KW 

6. working voltage: DC 220V

7. Blackboard temperature range (room temperature +100C) ~ 65 °C ± 3 °C

8. Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5°C

9. Temperature uniformity: ≤ ± 3°C

10. Humidity range 50% R.H ~ 85% R.H ± 5% R.H

11. Temperature deviation: ≤ ± 5°C

12. One layer of sample tray, adjustable up and down distance

13. Sample: 75 × 150mm / piece

14. The center of the arc: adjustable from 200 to 300mm.

15. Dark lighting period: 0 ~ 9999 hours arbitrary cycle setting (such as 8H light, 4H condensation)

16. Studio size: 500 × 600 × 500 (deep × width × height) mm

17. Dimensions: 1000mm × 1100mm × 1700mm (Deep × Width × Height)

18. Voltage: AC 380 ± 10% V, 50 ± 1% Hz (lamp light voltage: 220 ± 10V) 

19. Total power: about 13KW

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