Geomembrane Thickness Gauge ASTM D5199

Geomembrane Thickness Gauge ASTM D5199

This instrument is used to measure the thickness of geomembrane and sheets, complies to the ASTM D5199 standard.
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Product Details

Model: GT060M

Standards: Standards: GB/T 6672-2001,GB/T17643-2011, JTG E50,SL 235, ASTM D5199

This tester is used to measure the thickness of geomembrane and sheets, the material surface should have no Embossing and ripple.



Dedicated tester for geomembrane, has mm/inch metric and imperial conversion function.

Has 0.1-0.5N10.2gf-51gfstandard pressure value

Data maintain function, can record max and min value, easy to read and record

Has tolerance limit value set function, can determine the tolerance status automatically.


Technical specifications

1. Upper measurement surface radius of curvature:

l  SR15mm-SR50mm (Glossy surface);

l  SR0.8mm±0.1mm, Vertebral angle 60±2°(Rough surface,

l  1.0±0.1mm (Uneven polymer, asphalt anti-seepage geomembrane)

2. Test load: 0.1N~0.5N(Glossy surface), or 0.56N±0.05N(Rough surface)0.6N±0.1N

3. Thickness measuring range: 0~12mm

4. Resolution:0.001mm

5. Overall size: 300mm×150mm×300mm

6. Net weight:28Kg


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