Automated Geotextiles Thickness Gauge

Automated Geotextiles Thickness Gauge

it's an advanced automated geotextiles thickness measuring equipment.
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Product Details

Model: GT0606S

Standards: JTG E50,ISO 9863,GB/T 13761

This gauge is used to measure the thickness of geotextiles and relevant products under different pressure and specific time. Automated test, no human error, computer connection, easy test & data management.  


l  Computer control, large LCD display, test result printed & output

l  High quality imported sensor for measurement, no human error

l  Test load freely set 2KPa,20KPa,200KPa free set

l  Test head automatic lift to avoid human error

l  Real time display test data max valuve, min value, average value, easy for judgement.

Technical specifications

Pressure foot area: 25cm2, dia. 56.42mm

Keeping duration: 10s,20s,30s,40s,50s

Test load: 2±0.01kpa;20±0.1kpa;200±0.1kpa or others

Test thickness: 0-25mm

Thickness resolution: 0.001mm

Measuring mode: single point measurement and multi point free select

Power supply: AC220v±10%,power: 100w

Overall size: 600mm*550mm*450mm

Net weight: 60kg

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