ASTM D5034 Grab Strength Tester

ASTM D5034 Grab Strength Tester

This tester is competent for various strength testing of fabrics, textiles, geotextiles,complies to the ASTM D5034 standard.
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Model: GT-026


GB/T3923.1.2; GB/T39172.3; FZ/T01030; ISO13934.1.2; DIN53838; DIN53861.2; ISO13935.1.2; ISO4606; ASTMD2261; NFG07-119, 120; IIS L1093ASTM D5035; BS 2576; DIN53835.13.14, ASTM D5034, DIN53868; NFG07-001;


This tester is competent for various strength testing of rubber, plastics, leather, metal, wires, papers, package, construction materials, geosynthetics, including tension, tear, bursting, constant elongation, constant load, elastic, seam Slippage, split, creep etc. 


1. Test method: Measured according to the principle of constant velocity elongation (CRE). The whole process is controlled by a high-speed processor and records the changes at every moment (curve dynamic monitoring), breaking strength and elongation at break (elongation rate). ), time, frequency, etc.

2. Force measuring system: Using high-precision force measuring sensors imported from the United States.

3. Test method: single yarn, fabric stretching, bursting, peeling, tongue tearing, trapezoidal tearing, constant elongation, constant load, underarm seams, suture slippage (optional)

4. Measuring range: 500N / 1000 N / 2500N / 5000N / 10000N 20000N (optional)

5. Force measuring accuracy: ≤±0.02%F.S

6. Adjustment accuracy of clamping distance: ±0.1mm

7. Stretching speed: 0.001-1000mm/min digital speed regulation, error ≤±2% (arbitrarily set)

8. Gantry width: 430mm

9. Effective stroke: 1000mm

10. Elongation resolution: 0.001mm

11. Sampling frequency: 2500 times/sec

12. Effective width of holder: Optional according to needs (standard configuration: 110mm)

13. Maximum cumulative test times (maximum data capacity of continuous test): 5000 times (can be grouped arbitrarily)

14. Print: output print results in various forms

15. Power supply: AC220V±10%50Hz

16. Dimensions: 820×650×1750mm (L×W×H)

17. Weight: about 180 Kg

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