TCLP Equipment Rotary Agitator

It's a specialized equipment used for the TCLP (Toxicity for Characteristic Leaching Procedure) testing as per EPA 1311 method
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Model: TCLP

Its a specialized equipment used for the TCLP (Toxicity for Characteristic Leaching Procedure) testing as per EPA 1311 method, also can be used for disposal, identification, research, and treatment of solid waste in laboratory. 

Methods and standards

- China National Standard 5085.3-2007 (HJ/T299-2007) specified equipment

- China National Standard GB16889-2008 (HJ/T300-2007) specified equipment

- US EPA Method 1311 selects equipment.

Technical specifications

1. Temperature range: Room temperature 

2. Time setting range: 0-9999 hours

3. Batch processing capacity:  6 * 2000ml, 8*2000ml, 10*2000ml, 12*2000ml

4. Adjustable speed range: 30 ± 2 rpm, zero load 0-45 ± 2  rpm

Continuous operation for a long time

5. Machine material: All aluminum alloy

6. Fixture material: Made of alloy aluminum or stainless steel

7. Domestic inverter. Make the instrument run reliably

8. Time set range: 0-9999 hour

9. Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ, 3.2A

10. Safety device: With overload protection device

11. Applicable containers: 2L glass bottles, PE bottles and ZHE containers


Powerful load capacity: with forward or reverse function

Reliable frequency converter and transmission, plus a solid fixture to ensure long-term stable operation

The control system frequency converter has a wide voltage operation of 150-250V, and the slow start feature makes the operation of the instrument more complete and reliable.

Advanced time controller JJS20 with 24-hour time control cycle enables automation and unmanned instrument control during the experiment

High-power variable frequency motor, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high energy conversion, low heat and easy maintenance

TCLP Equipments (Optional)

1. Rotary agitator

2. High pressure filteration apparatus

3. 142mm dia. 0.7μm filter paper

4. 142mm 0.5μm stainless steel filter screen

5. Fluoro rubber O-ring 5, dia. 142mm

6. 2000ml PE bottles (12 / package).

7. 2000ml Teflon(PTFE) bottles.

8. Zero-Headspace Extraction Vessel(500ml)

9. 90mm, 0.7μm filter (100 / pack).

10. 90mm, 0.7μm microporous stainless steel filter.

11. ZHE-O type seal ring 3 sets,

12. 500ml glass airtight syringe.

13. Peristaltic pump 

14. Pressure distribution device 

15. Nitrogen pressure reducing device

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