Laboratory Vibration Mill

Laboratory Vibration Mill

The vibration mill can quickly prepare samples for XRF analysis. Features Stable and durable, it can maintain stable and low-noise operation even under high-speed rotation. It's kind of common sample preparation equipment in laboratory.
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Product Details

Proceed materials

Coke, coal, minerals, ores, diamonds, metal oxides, ceramics, silicates, cement, slag, slag, concrete, soil, plant materials, etc...



1. Fast fastening of material bowl, one-button start operation, easy and quick

2. closed and soundproofed of grinding room greatly reduced the working noise;

3. O-ring seal design of material bowl, no sample lost during high-speed grinding and impact;

4. Powerful eccentric vibration mechanism enable shorter grinding time and better effect

5. The eccentric device and the motor shaft are connected by a coupling to increase the service life of the motor.

6. The equipment protection door is supported by a pneumatic rod, and a limit switch is installed at the protection door. If the protection door is not properly closed, the equipment will not start; if the protection door is opened during operation, the power will be automatically cut off

7. supporting feet and universal moving wheels are equipped at bottom for easier movement and quick stabilized.



Device model



Optional grinding disc material

Tungsten carbide/chrome steel/high   manganese steel/corundum/zirconia


Crushing, mixing and grinding samples

Sample characteristics

Medium hard, hard, brittle, fibrous

Disk loading volume

100 ml×2pcs


Other optional grinding disc volume

50ml/100ml/200ml/300ml/400ml(make on   request)

Loading size

<13 mm

<13 mm

Feed amount


Discharge size



Control method

Time relay

Grinding time setting

1s- 999s

Grinding efficiency

0.5-3min(Can be appropriately extended   according to fineness requirements)

Compression method

Fast press device

Equipment dimensions


Equipment weight

Approx 210kg(not include grind disc)


AC 380V±5%, 50Hz, 3ph 5 wire

Motor Power

1.5 kw(or1.1 kw)

1.5 kw

Motor speed

1400 r/min(or 935 r/min)

1400 r/min

Recommended working environment

Ambient   temperature 1~40℃

laboratory vibration mill for XRF Sample preparation

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