High Strength Alloy Crusher

The high-strength alloy crusher adopts mechatronics and environmental protection design, with digital scale quick adjustment device, easy to operate.
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Product Details

Model: ZY-PJ-7.5

The equipment is mainly used in laboratories in steel enterprises, alloy production enterprises, scientific research institutes, etc. The jaws and lining plates can be made of high-strength alloy steel and tungsten carbide; mainly for crushing low-carbon chromium alloys, low-carbon silicon-manganese alloys, molybdenum alloys, nickel alloys, etc. The safe and reliable feeding hopper prevents the alloy samples from splashing out when they are broken.


Optional jaw material

Alloy steel/tungsten carbide

Feed size

<25 mm

Discharge size


Equipment dimensions


Equipment weight

About 600kg


AC 380V±5%, 50Hz

Motor Power


Use environment

Recommended use status: ambient temperature 1~40; if the ambient temperature is below zero   or plateau area, please inform the manufacturer in advance.

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