Electric Heating Fusion Equipment 6 Position

Electric Heating Fusion Equipment 6 Position

This fusion machine uses silicon carbon rod heating method for XRF sample preparation, max temperature up to 1250℃, 6 sample position.
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Product Details

Model: FM-DR06C

This fusion machine uses silicon carbon rod heating method for XRF 

sample preparation, touch screen display and control, easy operation,

 high automation, fast temperature rise, accurate temperature control, 

max temperature up to 1250.


Silicon carbon rod heating

Touch screen+PLC+AI, diagnostic self check,

Simultaneously processing of furnace swing and sample holder rotation

Multi protection function, thermocouple broken, over temperature, over limit, 

software-hardware dual protection

Good repeatability of samples, allow halfway sample adding 


Technical specifications   
Temperature  rise seed: Average 30/min
Rated temperature: 1100(max 1250℃) 
Temperature accuracy: ±1when in heat preservationS type platinum rhodium thermocouple 
Sample station number: 6 
Furnace swing angle: Back and forth swing 0~40°, software adjustable  
Supporter rotation rate: 0~25rpminverter stepless speed regulation, 

can rotate forward and backward
9pcs working curve available
Timing setup
Front rest time set range: 0~160min optional
Swing time set range:0~160min optional
Back rest time set range: 0~160min optional
Net weight:390kg

Overall size: 1150mm×750mm×1100mm
Total power: 10kw
Power supply:Heating AC 380V, 50HZ, control AC 220V, 50HZ  

Rated power: 30A

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