Automatic Ore Pellet Strength Tester

Automatic Ore Pellet Strength Tester

This test equipment is used to determine the strength of ore pellets and sinters, controlled by servo system. Conforms to GB/T14201-2018 "Determination of the compressive strength of iron pellets for blast furnace and direct reduction",and ISO 4700-2015.
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Product Details

Model: KS-YL-1000S


Adopts a servo control system, can maintain the set constant speed during the entire test period, guarantee test data more accurate and accurate, better ensurance for sample qualification rate and reproducibility. The servo control system can be used continuously and efficiently for a long time with good stability.

When any of the following conditions are met, the test ends, and the maximum load compressive strength value is obtained:(a) The load drops to 50% of the recorded maximum load value, or appears to be higher than the recorded maximum load; (b) The distance between the press plates drops to 50% of the initial average particle size of the sample.

Electric magnetic vibrating plate automatic feeding device, pellet crushing and automatic feeding are performed synchronously, saving test time;

Rotary automatic cleaning device, no need manual cleaning, automatically completes the cleaning of waste pellets;

During the test, the test data is displayed in real time, specifically including: each pellet crushing force value, maximum value, minimum value, average value, relative frequency distribution, pressure curve graph;

Long-term storage of test data, historical test data can be inquired in different ways, test reports printable;

Equipped with pressure overload protection system to prevent damage to the sensor due to misoperation;



Crush the pellets, test pellet strength

Application field

Iron and Steel Metallurgy,  Pellet Mining, University/Research Institute, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

Test efficiency

60 pellets takes about 30 minutes

Maximum number of pellets in a   single test

120 pieces

Platen speed when the pellet is   crushed

10-20mm/min adjustable, meeting the national standard recommended requirements 15mm/min±1mm/min

Pellet size

Φ10mm~16mm, can also be customized on request

Sensor maximum pressure

10KN or 15KN (about 1019.7kgf),   can also be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.

Sensor accuracy

C3 (not less than 0.03%)

Comprehensive sensor error


Transmitter accuracy

Better than 0.1%F·S

Transmitter protection level


Working voltage

AC 220V±5%, 50Hz

Servo motor power

0.75KW (ball crushing device)

0.75KW (Sample delivery device   for removing waste materials)

Machine weight

About 120kg

Operation environment

Recommended use status: ambient   temperature 1~40; if the ambient temperature   is below zero or plateau area, please inform the manufacturer in advance.

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