200Ton High Pressure Automatic Sample Press

200Ton High Pressure Automatic Sample Press

This high pressure sample press is mainly used for solid sample preparation for fluorescence spectrometer and various powder compression molding. Applicable to various brands of infrared spectrometer and XRF ray fluorescence spectrometer.
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Product Details

Model: ZY-YM-2000


1. The ultra-high pressure sample preparation tablet press can be used in plastic ring compression method. The sample contact surface is treated with mirror surface, better sample detection effect.

2. Touch screen operation, PLC program control, and adjustable pressure holding time.

3. The pressure value and segmented residence time can be set in three adjustable stages, which are divided into initial exhaust pressure value, intermediate exhaust pressure value, and target pressure value, which can effectively remove the air in the sample and achieve better compression effects.

4. The equipment is equipped with a safety grating to efficiently ensure the safety of operators.

5. Pull-out mold placement method. The outer ring of the mold is equipped with a safety protective steel sleeve, making the operation safer, easier and more convenient.

6. One-button operation, automatic sample compression and automatic reset, better reproducibility of tablet compression.

7. Low-power matches high-pressure plunger pump, low oil pressure & high pressure effectively prevent the tubing from breaking due to ultra-high pressure.

8. Self-contained hydraulic system can be used continuously and efficiently for long time.

9. Easy operation, more stable & reliable performance, compact structure and less space




Spectral analysis pellet molding

Application field

Chemistry/synthetic materials, geology/metallurgy, construction materials, environment/resource recycling, glass/ceramics

Control mode

Touch screen   operation, PLC program control

Mold type  

Plastic ring mould

Max load


Pressure   setup

Adjustable three-stage pressure value

Compress time

0~999s adjustable

Power consumption

2W5VA Ambient temperature and humidity

Max travel

40 (mm)

Equipment dimensions

730×900×1300 (mm)

Equipment weight

About 1200kg


AC 380V±5%, 50Hz, three-phase five-wire system

Motor Power

1.1KW with 28MPa high pressure plunger pump

Use environment

Recommended operation condition: ambient temperature is 0~40; if the ambient temperature is below zero or   plateau areas, please inform the manufacturer in advance.

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