Split Muffle Furnace

Split Muffle Furnace

it's a split structure muffle furnace, the controller and furnace are seperated.
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Temperature controlled by controller and Ni-Cr - Ni-Si electric couple

Furnace shell made of thin steel plate, Inner made of silicon refractory

Spiral heating element (which is made of iron-chromium-aluminum alloy)

The door brick of programmable electric furnace are made of light refractory material

The insulation layer between the inner furnace lining and the furnace shell is made of refractory fiber and expanded pearl products

Cuboid shape

The hearth is made of high-quality silicon carbide refractory materials

High-quality insulation material used for insulation layer

A heat shield made of high-quality refractory material is installed on the inside of the furnace door to reduce the heat loss of the mouth and improve the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace

XMT series temperature controller intelligently controls the measurement, indication and adjustment of the temperature inside the furnace

A broken couple protection device is installed to keep electric furnace and the processed workpiece safe when the temperature measuring thermal couple is disconnected during the heating process. 

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