400 Celsius High Temperature Drying Oven

400 Celsius High Temperature Drying Oven

It's a high temperature drying oven with max temperature up to 400 Celsius.
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Product Details

Model: HXG

This high temperature drying oven is widely used for industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific research units, etc. for drying, baking, melting wax, sterilization usage. 

Technical specifications 

Temperature control range: RT+20°C-400°C

Constant temperature fluctuation: ± 2 ° C

Temperature resolution: 1 ° C

Input power: 4000W

Liner size W*D*H(mm): 500*600*750

Volume: 225L

Carrier bracket: 2pcs

Ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 30 ° C

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz

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The liner is made of high quality steel and stainless steel.

Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, with setting, measuring temperature dual digital display, timing, power suppression and self-tuning function, accurate and reliable temperature control.

The hot air circulation system consists of low-noise fans and air ducts to ensure uniform temperature in the working chamber.