Ceramic Hot Plate 400℃

Ceramic Hot Plate 400℃

the heating plate is made of glass ceramic, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning.
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Product Details

This hot plate is a specialized device used for preheating of analytical sample in laboratory, the max heating temperature can up to 400℃.


Glass ceramic platen, high temperature resistant no rusty

Good wearing resistance, long tooling life, smooth surface, easy cleaning

Easy for batch processing of sample

Split design of controller and heat plate

Fast temperature rise, uniform heating

Large LCD screen display

With over-temperature alarm


Technical specifications

Heating Surface Material: Glass Ceramic

Heat Surface Size: 500mm×400mm

Temperature Range: RT~400℃

Temperature Stability: ±1℃

Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.2℃

Control Mode: PID Programmable Control

Timing Range: 1min-24 hr

Power Supply: AC220v/50Hz, 300W

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