70Mpa Manual Hydraulic Pump Alloy Made

70Mpa Manual Hydraulic Pump Alloy Made

Alloy made high quality, light in weight, better durability, 70-200MPA, NPT joint.
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Body made of Ti-Al alloy material, light in weight, high strength, corrosion resistant;

Dual speed, built-in high low pressure switching valve, larger flow when in low speed, time saving, high working efficiency

Anode Oxidation treatment on surface, nice appearance, better corrosion resistance

Built in pressure switching valve, less time and force saving.


Working pressure: 70-200Mpa(700-2000kg/cm2)

Oil flow: 0.9-32cc/min

Net weight: 6.3-10kg

Body material: Ti- Al alloy

manual hydraulic pump specs

manual hydraulic pump alloy made 70Map-200Mpa

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