Photovoltaic Panel Flammability Test Chamber

Photovoltaic Panel Flammability Test Chamber

This chamber is specially designed for flammability testing of photovoltaic panels, solar modules.
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Product Details

Model: RS-61730

Standards: ISO 11925-2: 2010, IEC61730-2: 2016


This chamber is specially designed for flammability testing of photovoltaic panels, solar modules, equipped with purging system, the max sample size up to W1.2XH2.2, the sample can be put in from front side. 

Technical specifications

Chamber size: L1500mm X W900mm x H2700mm 

Gate size: 1300mmX2600mm 

Max allowed sample 1200mm*2200mm, the sample holder can be adjusted to fit for different sample 

Burning time default as 15s, can freely set

USA branded burner with inner dia. Φ0.17mm, and 4 air adjustment hole with dia. 4mm

Japan branded burning gas flow control valve with flame height controlled at 20mm±1mm

Burning gas pressure:10kpa-50 kpa 

Burning angle: 0°, 45° 

Wind speed: < vertically 0.2m/s when distant to 5cm of sample surface, horizontal direction <0.1m/s

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