Flammability Chamber ISO 11925-2

Flammability Chamber ISO 11925-2

This flame test chamber is used to test the flammability properties of construction material and other materials, meets the GB8626 and ISO11925-2:2002 standards.
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Product Details

Model: KRT-200

Standards: ISO11925-2:2002 E

This flame test chamber is used to test the flammability properties of construction material and other materials, meets the GB8626 and ISO11925-2:2002 standards. It adopts the Kleinbrenner method, using vertical small flammule to burn the construction material to test the B degree construction material flammability.


Ergonomics operation design

1.5mm steel sheet with plastic spray treatment

Double reinforced glass door for double angle observation

2 kinds different type nickel plating sample clamp

Flame height adjusted by rotor flow meter

Vertical flame source or 45 degree incline

Equipped with flame measuring ruler

Sample support can be moved in up down left right direction

Highly automation degree, high accuracy, easy operation

Natural ventilation opening located in chamber bottom

Technical specifications

Ambient Temperature


Relative humidity


Sample size

250mm×90mm         250mm×180mm, thickness ≤60mm

Material made

Mirror SUSsheet

Sample clamp

two U type   SUS frame, thickness 5mm

Gas duct air flow rate

0.7m/s, ±0.1m/s

Power supply

AC 220V, 50HZ, 100W

Air source

liquefied petroleum gas , propane with over than 95%   purity

Bunsen burner Flame time


Control mode

MCU control ,digital display High pressure electric   ignition system, servo motor control, auto ignition, reset


Hole size Φ0.17mm, Bunsen burner   flame length 20mm±1mm, can incline to 45 degree

Flame applying time

(1s-99 s)±0.5s, freely adjustable, ±0.2s 

Chamber dimension

710 W× 400 D× 600mm H


Packing List

Main machine


User manula




Power cable


Gas pipe


Clamps  sleeve


Flame height measuring ruler


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