Gelatin Gel Strength Test System

Gelatin Gel Strength Test System

The gel strength tester is used to determine the gelatin gel strength.
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Product Details

Model: GS-1

Applicable standards: GB6783, GB13731, QB2354, QB/T1995, QB/T1997, QB1997


The gel strength tester is used to determine the gelatin gel strength, gel strength is a key index which can indicate the production process and gelatin quality. The gel strength test system is comprised of gel strength tester, thermostatic water bath, refrigerator



High speed micro process

Precision mechanical transmission structure

Precision load cell

5 different sampling rate, 3 different sampling mode,

Over range protection

Measuring accuracy calibration can be done by user self

Depth stroke can be done by user self(with standard dial gauge)


Technical specifications

Measuring range: 5-1000g

Measuring accuracy: ±0.5%

Readout resolution: 1g

Repeated measuring error: ±5g

Temperature accuracy: 10C±0.1C

Temperature range: 5 Degree C -30 Degree C

Refrigeration time: 30 Degree C→10 Degree C < 30min

Refrigeration medium: environmental friendly 314a

Measurement stroke: 1-75mm

Stroke accuracy: ±0.1mm

Measuring unit: bioom g

Standard bottle: volume=150ml, id=59mm, h=85mm

Gel strength tester

Overall Dim.: L285×W270×H500

N.W: 16.5Kg

Water bath

Overall Dim.: L 400×W430×H380

N.W: 22.5Kg


Overall Dim.:L540×W400×H310

N.W: 28.5Kg

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