Twelve Speed Rotational Viscometer

Rotational viscometer for drilling fluids viscosity measurement has 6 speed, 12 speed two type.
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Product Details

Model: ZNN-D12


MCU control

Rheological parameter measurement under 6 speed and 12 speed,

Rheological curve drawn according to the multi-point measured value

Dynamic./ static shear force, fluidity index, consistency coefficient measured 

Technical specifications

Power supply

AC220V±5%,  50/60Hz

Motor Power


Ambient condition

20±5, 45%RH60%RH

Motor rotation speed

720 r/min

Speed variable range



Measurement accuracy

1~25mPa·s,±1mPa.sNewtonian fluid

25 mPa·s,±4%  Newtonian fluid

 Viscosity measure range

Newtonian fluid:  0300mPa.s (F1 measurement assembly)

060mPa.s (F0.2easurement   assembly)

non-Newtonian fluid0150 mPa.s (F1   measurement assembly)

030 mPa.s (F0.2   F1 measurement assembly)

Shear force0153.3Pa (F1 F1   measurement assembly)

030.7Pa (F0.2   F1 measurement assembly)

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