Three Point Caliper Gauge

The three-point caliper is a measuring tool used to measure oilfield parts (drilling bits, oil pipelines, threewing centralizers, and round parts). It's designed per mathematical theory.
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Product Details

The 3-point caliper gauge is made of high quality carbon tool steel T10A, according to GB/T1214-93 standard, it's widely used in oilfield industry.

Measure range: 80-130mm,130-230mm,230-350mm,350-480mm,480-750mm,750-1050mm
Measure deviation:
Packing size & Gross weight:
80-130mm: 430*170*25mm, 1kg
130-230mm: 650*300*80mm, 3.5kg
230-350mm: 760*390*80mm, 4.8kg
350-480mm: 1150*480*75mm, 9kg

Operation method

Choose suitable gauge per object size, place the object within the three measure surface, let the
complete circle part contact the measure surface, thus can directly read the object size on the gauge.

Operation tips
1. Keep the measuring tool clean and pollution-free, prohibit contact with corrosive objects, and apply
anti-rust oil after use.
2. It should be handled with care and no strong impact during use.

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