Radiation Test Chamber For Laminated Glass

Radiation Test Chamber For Laminated Glass

This chamber is used to perform the radiation tests of laminated glass and laminated safety glass as per the ISO 12543 standards.
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Product Details

Construction glass test equipment, Safety glass test equipment

Model: BL-FZ-12543

Standards: EN ISO 12543-4-2011

This radiation test chamber is used to perform UV aging test of laminated glass materials, complies to the EN ISO 12543-4 standards. 

Technical specifications

Dimensions working chamber size: 1100mm×1100mm×1000mm

Specimen size: 300×300mm, totally 9pcs

Temperature control range: sample surface 45℃±5℃   

Light source: OSRAM Ultra-Vitalux1 300W UV lamp; lamp quantity: 16pcs

Total radiation intensity: Total radiation intensity on specimen surface 900W/m2±100 W/m2

Distance from specimen to illuminant: >500mm

Test period: 2000h

Noise: ≤75db

Blower power: ≤25W×4 

Compressor power: 2.5HP

Installed power: 9KW

Power supply: AC380V/50HZ, 3-phase 5-wire

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