Non-contact Online Moisture Meter Microwave Method

Non-contact Online Moisture Meter Microwave Method

This system utilizes microwave method to measure the water content in flowing materials, non contact online measuring way, high accuracy and efficiency.
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Product Details

Model: ZX-MMA-3

Working principle

When the microwave passes through the water-containing material and the dry material, the propagation speed and intensity of the microwave in the propagation direction will change differently, and the water-containing material will slow down the propagation speed and the intensity of the microwave. The measuring principle of the equipment is to calculate the moisture content in the material by detecting the changes of these two physical properties of the microwave after passing through the material.                             

microwave mthod moisture measurement principle


Applied materials

Microwave water measurement technology is applicable to many non-conducting substances, including (but not limited to) coal, alumina, wood, sugar, bagasse, sand, mineral powder, food, chemicals, etc.



■ Non-contact measurement: no wear, no interference, little maintenance

■ Fast real-time results: a response speed of milliseconds can be achieved

■ Fully automatic operation: automatically check the operating status of each part of the unit

■ Humanized operation interface: to meet the different needs of users

■ Convenient installation and commissioning: The type can be selected according to the on-site installation environment

■ Safe and pollution-free: high safety and reliability, no radioactive sources

■ Technical support and service: Provide timely service and detailed technical feedback

■ Wide range of applications: almost all substances can be measured




Measure range

0%~50%,   ±0.5%, both may vary per different detect material


Moisture content percentage


Made of cold-rolled   steel plate, textured surface, polyester powder spraying.

Protection   degree

IP 65

Net weight

Approx. 17   kg

Operation Temp.

-20~ +45°C   (253 ~318 K), no condensing

Storage   temp.

-20 ~   +70°C (253~343 K), no condensing


5.7 Inch 640*480 Graphic dot matrix65K   TFT touch screen LCD

Working voltage

AC200~240   V AC, 45~65 Hz

Power consumption

Max 30W

Signal output



IEC61326-1,   IEC61000-6-2, IEC 61010-1

Overall size

500 x 400   x 200 mm

Cable interface

Cross section

Min 1.0mm2   (main power supply)

Cable   interface


High frequency   cable

Length 1.5-3m,50W,N   interface

Microwave sensor


High gain   directional antenna


Made of die-cast aluminum and epoxy coating

Net weight

2 kg

Operation Temp.   condition

-20~ +55°C   (253 ~323 K ), no condensing

Storage Temp.

-20 ~+70°C   (253~343 K ), no condensing

Input resistance

2 x HF connector   N jack, 50 Ω

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