Intelligent Concrete Impervious Tester

Intelligent Concrete Impervious Tester

It's a new generation intelligent concrete test equipment, features much higher efficiency and highly automatic.
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Model: HS-4I

The intelligent concrete impervious test apparatus is a new generation concrete  testing equipment developed. Features easy operation, excellent performance. Besides for concrete specimen impervious testing, it also can be used for quality inspection and determination of air permeability of building materials. It's most featured on its high intelligence & automation. 



Automatic test during whole process, no need for any sealing materials (automatic sealing, automatic pressurization, automatic constant pressure, automatic demoulding, and automatic judgment of leakage recording leakage time and pressure)

Simply place the test specimen on the test mold base, click the start button,, the device will automatically clamp the test specimen, automatically seal, and automatically test. After the test is completed, the test piece will automatically come out of the cavity.  

High efficiency-

 Four sets of tests can be done at one time, that is, 4×6=24 test pieces, and each group is independent of each other, and does not affect each other; the efficiency of the older generation products is increased by more than four times.

Unmanned-When the test specimen has water seepage, the device can automatically detect the water seepage,, then close the hydraulic pressure solenoid valve, and record the pressure and time when the test block seeps. After the test is completed, the equipment will automatically calculate the impermeability level according to the water leakage condition, and automatically issue a test report without human intervention.

Less space-only 0.8m2 Land occupation

intelligent concrete impervious test apparatus test interface

Technical specifications                                                        

1. Test pressure: 1.2MPa

2. Pressure resolution: 0.01MPa

3. Relative error of ind cation value: ±1%

4, Indication value repeatability relative error: ± 1%

5. Sealing pressure: 2.5MPa pressure resolution: 0.01MPa

 7. The number of test pieces available at one time: 24

 8. Test mold geometry (also known as the main mold) cavity upper mouth diameter: φ175mm

Cavity lower mouth diameter: φ185mm height: 150mm

9. Test piece barrel material: mold once die-casting

10. Test mold barrel sealing flange: 304 stainless steel finishing molding

11. Test piece sealing material: special wear-resistant, high-pressure resistant rubber material

 12. Power supply: AC 380V,50HZ, 3ph

13. Power: 700W

 14, Overall dimensions: ø950 × 2200 mm

15. Quality: ≈ 2000kg

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