Friction Coefficient And Peeling Tester ASTM D1894 TAPPI T816

Friction Coefficient And Peeling Tester ASTM D1894 TAPPI T816

It is suitable for the determination of the dynamic and static friction coefficients of various metal and non-metal materials, as well as the peel strength determination of adhesive composite products, medical patches, release paper, protective films and other products.
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Product Details

Model: BZ-MC-01


GB/T 10006,GB/T 2790,GB/T 2791,GB/T 2792,ISO 8295,ISO 8510-2,ASTM D1894,ASTM D4917,ASTM D3330,TAPPI T816,TAPPI T549


Equipped with two test modes of friction coefficient and 180° peeling

Wide-range, high-precision temperature control device easily realizes tests under different temperatures

7 test speeds and 3 test ranges available

The test bench and the test slide have been demagnetized and tested for remanence, which effectively reduces the system test error

Controlled by a computer and a microprocessor, easier operation

Professional software provides statistical analysis of test results curve overlay, and accurately and intuitively displays test results to users

Equipped with USB interface, professional measurement and control software, which can control the instrument to complete various tests


Load range

0 ~5 N0~10 N0 ~ 30 N



Slider quality

200 g (100g ,500g,1000g, 1814g,2000g

Test speed

1 ~ 600 mm/minstepless speed regulation

Test temperature

Room temperature ~ 99.9

Power supply

AC 220 V 50 Hz

Outer dimensions

850mm(L) × 350mm(W) × 290mm(H)

Net weight

30 kg




Standard configuration: host, peeling chuck, 200g slider, 500g slider

Options: professional software, computer, communication cable, test board, sampling knife, non-standard slider, non-standard chuck

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