Slow Freeze Thaw Test Chamber

Slow Freeze Thaw Test Chamber

This freeze thaw chamber can be used to test the frost resistance of ceramic tiles, red bricks and concrete by slow freeze method.
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Model: HNJ-DRM


1. Highly automated, high efficiency, with computer software to reach remote monitoring, and can automatically complete the freeze-thaw cycle test per preset parameters

2.   LCD display of controller, all-digital and four-direction navigation keys.

3. Before delivery, different temperature curve data have been set according to the properties of various building materials, and the user only needs to directly select the corresponding curve when setting.

4. The system has two groups of customizable parameter functions, which can be upgraded for other standards.

5. The inner tank is made of 304 stainless steel plate, and the refrigeration system is made of high-quality imported components.

6. Low noise, more energy saving and stable performance.





Working voltage: three-phase four-wire


 Power   of the whole machine


Heating power


Refrigeration power


Measurement accuracy


Display resolution


Maximum sample capacity



40 pieces of winding bricks, and the upper   limit of other irregular stone and concrete that can be put into the box is   80Kg

Temperature range

-40~40 (user can set)

Equipment noise

full load operation 50dB

Working environment temperature


Humidity of working environment


Number of cycles

11000 times

Working room size

1030*600*420 (mm)


1630*950*1150 (mm)

Net weight

about 150kg




Host machine

18B20 long rod sensor, 5pcs

(One of them is for free backup)

Serial line, 1pc

Piece frame, 1 set

Aluminum plastic pipe, 2 meters

2m water inlet pipe, 1pc

Water filter box, 1pc

8mm plexiglass panel,1 piece

Raw tape, 1 roll

Software CD,1 copy

Computer,1 set (optional)


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