NT Build 492 Chloride Diffusion Tester

NT Build 492 Chloride Diffusion Tester

This tester is used to determine the permeability resistance to chloridion of concrete by NT BUILD 492 Mehtod
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EU – Project CHLORTEST G6RD -CT – 2002 – 00855

CEN TC 51(CEN TC 104)/WG12/TG5

This tester is used to determine the permeability resistance to chloridion of concrete by NT BUILD 492 Mehtod (by testing the Chloride migration coefficient from non-steady-state migration experiments), thus to provide reference for the concrete structure design and service life assessment, also provide basis for concrete mix design and concrete structure quality assessment. it’s suitable to test the lab made specimen with max aggregate size not over than 25mm or the cored sample from concrete structure.


  • 32-bit embedded ARM core with high processing speed

  • 4 inch EPSON industry touch screen, LED backlight, clear display, easy operation

  • 16-bit high speed ADC detection, detection linearity error up to 100PPM degree

  • 16 channel 12-bit imported DAC, independent channel, 0-60V adjustable, real time self-adapt voltage tuning mode

  • Short-circuit automatic protection, independent electric switch with each channel, power saving also prolong the instrument tooling life

  • Independent breakpoint protection with each channel, can protect if occured sudden power failure, resume from breakpoint after power recover

  • Real time display, print, analysis function available, after test input parameter then automatic calculate test results

  • Standard RS232 serial communication, software(independent purchase)enable monitoring, test report output, print from computer end.

  • Imported material made for clamps, high accuracy & easy operation

  • Equipped with integrated vacuum water saturation machine

Technical Specifications

  1. Test channel number: 6/9/12

  2. Output current range: 0~400 ma

  3. Output current accuracy: ±0.1ma

  4. Temperature accuracy: ±0.2
    output voltage: DC 0-60V

  5. Input voltage: AC220V±10 / 50HZ

  6. Pressure-adjusting mode: self-adaptive mode

  7. Main machine overall size: 390×375×190 mm

  8. Net weight: 6kg

  9. Main machine overall size: 420×540×250 mm

  10. Water-saturated device weight: 32 kg

  11. Water-saturated device overall size: 750×680×400mm

  12. Diffusion coefficient part weight: 9 kg

  13. Diffusion coefficient part overall size: 610×270×260 mm

  14. Total weight: 46 kg


Standard Configuration

  1. Main machine, 1set

  2. Software, 1set

  3. Clamps, 6sets

  4. Vacuum water saturation machine

  5. automatic vacuum water saturation device.jpg

  6. Tablet PC(optional)

  7. Printer(optional)

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