Hardened Concrete Pore Structure Analyzer

Hardened Concrete Pore Structure Analyzer

This equipment is used for determining the characteristics of hardened concrete bubbles.
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Product Details

Model: CPA-1 

Standards: DL/T5150-2001


This equipment is used for determining the characteristics of hardened concrete bubbles, covering the effect of air entraining agent and match ratio to the characteristics, also the correlation between bubble spacing index and freeze durability.



l  Automatic calculation of mortar volume percentage

l  Shadowless combined lighting system,lighting controller features illuminance adjustable, direction adjustable, blinking direction adjustable

l  Powerful TR-AIR software, shooting step self adjustable, each single specimen photo quantity can larger than 1600pcs

l  Japan made self-balancing optical carrier platform

l  Test index: bubble spacing factor, bubble specific area, air content, cementitious material and air ratio, average chord length of the bubble, percentage of bubble with different diameter.

l  Self adjustment of minimum, maximum speed, acceleration via software 

Technical specifications

1.      Microscope resolution: 0.1μm

2.      Amplification times0~500times adjustable, CCD pixel 3000000

3.      Microscope lighting: concentrated shadowless lamp

4.      Self-balancing optical carrier platform: vertical movement range≥100mm, horizontal movement range≥100mm

5.      x/y step motor accuracy: 0.00001mm

6.      Standard deviation: air content≤0.37%,specific area1.57 mm-1,, spacing coefficient≤0.011 mm

7.      Each photo threading number selectable, max 10

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