Automatic Concrete Creep Testing Rig

Automatic Concrete Creep Testing Rig

The creep test rig is used to determine the concrete specimen deformation characteristics under long term constant axial loading and constant temperature, humidity.
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Product Details

Model: HNJ-XB

The creep test rig is used to determine the concrete specimen deformation characteristics under long term constant axial loading and constant temperature, humidity. This apparatus uses precision pressure transducer, displacement sensor for real-time monitoring. The test parameters are setup on touch screen, real time acquisition of deformation and ambient temperature / humidity value. The system can maintain constant pressure when set pressure reached, it can apply independent load to each specimen. Each test can be divided into 3 stage for pressure application, the test time of each stage can be freely set.


l  LCD touch screen operation, real-time indication of test pressure, deformation, ambient temperature & humidity

l  Wi-Fi data transmission to computer

l  Precision spoke pressure transducer, displacement transducer for real-time monitoring of specimen deformation status, pressure transducer features good anti-eccentricity, overload ability, sensitivity, high test accuracy

l  Double-spring structure guarantee uniform elastic force on specimen, specially-made high strength spring, high fatigue resistance long tooling life, little permanent deformation.

l  Optimized loading support structure design, easy for specimen positioning, pressure device positioning, transducer fixing, leveling and operation; foundation fixing device with loading support guarantee safe and stable work

l  Pressure plate made of high strength steel sheet, screw column made of 40Cr high strength steel, guarantee safe operation, creep pressure balance apparatus enable uniform pressure on specimen.

l  The test frame uses combined disc spring as the damping unit, features high stability, uniform force, no deformation.

l  High quality pump station guarantee long term stable operation

l  branded pressure and displacement sensor guarantee higher accuracy and durability

l  Schneider  or Siemens  branded electric parts for better performance

l  Baseplate anti-tilt design, direct placement on floor, no need extra fixing

l  Automatic hydraulic jack pressure can always keep constant pressure

l  Spring made of 60Si2Mn(spring steel) with secondary heat treatment, the test frame whole structure treated with quench for higher strength and lower relaxation stress.

Technical specifications

Max test   pressure


Test frame

3,6,9 optional

Pressure   relative error


Spring   compression travel


Temperature   & humidity transducer accuracy


Displacement   transducer travel

10mm,   displacement transducer accuracy: 0.1%, linearity 5/10000

Up/down pressure   platen max space

1200 mm

Spring assembly   height

300mm (Stacked spring)

Automatic   loading system pressure keeping time  


Specimen size (mm)                                                

100×100×300, 100×100×400,100×100×515   150×150×300, 150×150×400, 150×150×450   150×150×600, 200×200×600

Test frame Overall   size                                         


Single test   frame weight


concrete creep tester equipment.jpg

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