Bubble Emission Leak Tester ASTM D3078

Bubble Emission Leak Tester ASTM D3078

This equipment is used to test the sealing performance of flexible packaging by Bubble emission method.
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Model: BZ-MF-01


GB/T 15171, ASTM D3078, YB00112002-2015, YBB00122002-2015,YBB00262002-2015


Digital preset test vacuum degree and vacuum holding time to ensure test accuracy

Using world-renowned SMC pneumatic components, guarantees stable and reliable performance

Automatic constant pressure air supplement to further ensure that the test can be carried out under preset vacuum degree

Professional software supports the functions of automatic blowback unloading and automatic ending of test

Microcomputer control, LCD display and PVC operation panel, easier operations and data viewing




0 ~ -90kPa, ±1%

Vacuum chamber size

Φ270 mm × 210 mm (H)  

Φ360 mm × 585 mm (H) (optional)

Φ460 mm × 330 mm (H) (optional), others   can be tailor made

Air source pressure

0.7 MPa (by customer)

Air supply interface

Φ6 mm Polyurethane tube

Outer dimension

300 mm(L) × 380 mm(B) × 450 mm(H)

Power source

AC 220 V 50 Hz

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