Digital Ceramic High Temperature Bending Tester

Digital Ceramic High Temperature Bending Tester

This tester is suitable for bending strength testing of refractory products and ceramics material under high temperature, automatic test, PC controlled, automatic feeding, complies to the ISO5013-85,ISO5014-86, GB3002-2004 standards.
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Product Details

Standards: ISO5013-85,ISO5014-86, GB3002-2004



This tester is suitable for high temperature flexural and compressive test for refractory products, carbon-containing refractories, dense refractory castables, ceramic rolls and other ceramic and silicate products. It can test 3~4 samples at a time. Controlled by MCU, it’s hydraulically loaded, with features of automatic test, simple structure, stable force, convenient maintenance, and accurate & reliable data. 

Technical Specifications

1. Test Temperature: 1350 °C or 1600 °C, controlled by computer program.

2. Temperature accuracy:±1℃ 

3. Indication accuracy:±0.1%

4. Specimen Size Range: L150*W25*H25mm, 6pcs; L160*W40*H40mm, 4pcs; or customized 

5. Maximum Test Force: 20000N

6. Hydraulic Loading System: adjustable speed and pressure, automatic sample feeding.

7. Computer processed data, test report print output

8. Power Supply: AC380V, 50HZ, 25kw.

9. Hearth dimension: 300*150*120mm or 400*200*160mm, or others on as per sample size 

10. Can input air to protect the furnace hearth, can test the bending strength of material under N2, Argon, air, carbon. 

Standard configurations 

1. Host 

2. Silicon molybdenum rod set,

3. B index number thermocouple,

4. High temperature flexural test clamp set,

5, English test software set 

6. Desktop computers with English operating systems.

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