Automated Guided Vehicle AGV

Automated Guided Vehicle AGV

Can move forward, backward, left turn, right turn, left traverse, right traverse,wireless control, serial port control
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Product Details

Main features

Easy operation, multi modes control, wireless, Serial communication, bluetooth

In situ rotation technology, no need to turn

wide carrying capacity: 50kg-5000kg, widely used in electronics plant, SMT workshop etc

Operation buttons on AGV, 

Moving speed up to 0.8m/s

Stable structure, multi kinds of AGV, bearing, directly drag, trailor three type

Open wireless serial port protocol and communication module to support secondary development

Spare rechargeable battery enable non-stop working

Dimension & carrying capacity customized on request

Technical specifications

1. Standard light duty AGV: 750*450*370mm, carrying cap. 100kg

2. Standard medium AGV: 900*500*250mm, carrying cap. 100-300kg

3. Dual-driver medium AGV: 1590*520*270mm, carrying cap. 300-1000kg

4. Heavy duty AGV: carrying cap. 1000-5000kg

Automated guided vehicle AGV

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