Fully Automatic Marshall Compaction Equipment

Fully Automatic Marshall Compaction Equipment

it can do standard and heavy duty Marshall compaction test, auto hammer-lifting,LCD display, fully automatic working mode.
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Product Details

Model: MJ-0702B

Technical specifications

1. Power supply: Three-phase four-wire 380V, 0.3KW

2. Falling distance: 457mm ± 1.5mm

3. Hammer weight: 10210g ± 10g / 4536g ± 9g

4. Compaction speed: 60 times / minute ± 5 times / minute

5. Preset compaction times: up to 999 times

6. Controller form: 5 inch color LCD display

7. Phase sequence protection: available

8. Hammer lifting device: electric hammer lifting and die ring automatic pressing device

9. Test mold specifications: Φ152.4mm (± 0.2mm) * 115mm / Φ101.6mm (± 0.2mm) * 63.5mm

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