Automatic Marshall Compactor

The Automatic Marshall compactor is a specialized equipment to make asphalt mixture specimen in lab.
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Automatic Marshall compactor

Model: MJ-0702

Standards:JTG E20-2011, T0702-2011, AASHTO T245


The Automatic Marshall compactor is a specialized equipment to make asphalt mixture specimen in lab by compaction method, the standard Marshall compactor can make cylindrical specimen with Dia. 101.6cm*H 63.5cm*(4in*2.5in) which used for standard Marshall test and indirect tensile test(split method).


1. Floor type structure, comprised of transmission part and control part, the transmission part includes the motor, reducer, chain wheel driving.

2. Single-chip as the control unit, automatic stop after reach the preset compaction number, automatic cut off power and turn off motor, can stop at the place easy to uninstall the mold.

3. Humanized manual hammer lifting make hammer lift easier and faster

4. Use pressing ring to fix the mold make the mold more stable

5. The safety joystick can guarantee the hammer won't fall when load or unload the mold.

Technical Specifications

1. Heavy hammer: 4536g±9g

2. Hammer drop height: 457mm±1.5mm

3. Mold size: Dia.101.6mm×H63.5mm, made of tooling steel

4. Compact speed:  (60±5) time/min

5. Compaction times: (0-999)time

6. Compaction base:  457mm×200mm×200mm

7. Cement concrete base: 120mm×460mm×480mm

8. Power supply:  AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

9. Motor power:   370W

10. Overall size: 540mm×540mm×1740mm (L*W*H)

11. Total weight:  approx 160kg


Standard configuration of Automatic Marshall compactor





MJ-0702 Marshall compactor main machine



MJ-0702 Marshall compactor controller







3 pcs


Mold    pressing sleeve



Mold    holder

1 pc


Power cable(250V/6A)

1 pc


Cable    between main machine and controller


Auxiliary equipments for Marshall compaction test

1.Asphalt mixture blender

2.Asphalt mixture specimen stripper

3.Thermostatic drying oven

4.Electric scale

5.Brookfield rotational viscometer

6.Plugin digital thermometer 300 degree C range with 1 degree C graduation, plugin rod length ≥150mm

7.electric furnace

8.asphalt melting pan

9.Others: adhesive tape, caliper, stop watch, chalk, solvent, filter paper, standard sieve, cotton yarn, mixing scoop

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