ASTM /AASHTO Gyratory Compactor

ASTM /AASHTO Gyratory Compactor

This gyratory compactor is uses to prepare and determine the relative density of asphalt mix specimens,UNIEN 12697-10, UNIEN12697-31/ ASTMD6925/AASHTO T312
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Product Details

ASTM /AASHTO Asphalt Gyratory Compactor, asphalt mixture test equipment, asphalt lab equipment

Model: LXY-150

Standards: UNIEN 12697-10, UNIEN12697-31/ ASTMD6925/AASHTO T312 

This gyratory compactor is uses to prepare and determine the relative density of asphalt mix specimens. Main frame made of quality steel, PID pressure control, linearity transducer height measure, precision centrifuge system generate rotational movement, can keep constant rotation angle and accuracy after easy preset.


l  Completely conforms the FHWA SUPERPAVE Standards, features safe and reliable work performance

l  SIEMENS PLC as the core control unit, features perfect protection function, can work even under complicated condition

l  7” industry touch screen, friendly Human-machine interface, easy parameters setup, real time display testing data, test data can be saved as Excel format and can be downloaded;

l  Pressure device, transducers, bearing and other important parts are original imported products;

l  Linear actuator loading mode for fast response speed

l  Full English operation interface

Technical Specifications

Pressure range

100~1000Kpa, continuous adjustable

Pressure accuracy

< ±60kpa( 1-5 time compaction), < ±18kpa( >5 times)

Rotary times

Forward (as preset compaction angle) 0-1000times, backward /0-500times

Compaction angle range

0.5°~2.0°, increase by 0.01°, default value is 1.16±0.02

Compaction angle(inner angle) accuracy


Compaction displacement range


Specimen molding height


Specimen diameter

Ø150mm(standard); ø100mm(optional)

Compaction displacement accuracy 


Rotational speed


Net overall size

900mm× 900mm× 1900mm(l*w*h)

Packing size

1000mm× 1000mm× 2000mm(l*w*h)

Moulds weight


Total weight


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