Asphalt Mixture Universal Test System

Asphalt Mixture Universal Test System

It's a multifunctional mechanical testing machine for asphalt mixture
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Product Details

Model: LY-0730I


Two models provided (standard and servo ), It can below tests: 

Marshall stability test(101.6, 152.4)

Uniaxial compression test(prism method)

Bending test

Split/freeze split test

Uniaxial compression test(elastic modulus /cylinder method)(only servo model can do)


LCD display can fully indicate complete test data and real time test curve, built-in real time OS, module software design, menu operation, 

2 channel pressure input, can setup different range to do different test

Can connect with micro printer

Can save full tests information, and directly query on LCD

Pressure/displacement both can set 15 stop point, can check break point, peak, functions optional to be closed, with different functions combination, can do many different test.

Technical specifications

1. Maximum load: 100KN 

2. Screw rod max displacement: 200mm

3. Motor: 1450rpm  380V*3/750W  

          2000rpm 1.5KW  220V*3 servo motor 

4. Move speed: 

  1mm/min, /50mm/min  manual setup 

  1-50mm/min programmable setup 

5. Pressure sensor range: 

a.Pressure channel 1: 100KN

B. Pressure channel 2: 5KN (optional)

6. Resolution: 100KN  0.01KN

               5KN  1KN

7. Pressure accuracy: 0.5%

8. Range of displacement sensor (dual channel): 25mm

9. Resolution of displacement sensor: 0.001mm

10. Accuracy of displacement sensor: 0.5%

11. Power input: three-phase four-wire 380V ± 10%

12. Power consumption of control system: 30W

13. Power of auxiliary heater: 2000W

14. Compressor power: 1000W

15. Temperature control accuracy: 0.5 ℃, resolution: 0.1 ℃

16. Constant temperature range: -25 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

17. Dimensions: 940 × 740 × 2050mm (excluding control cabinet)

18. Ambient temperature: ≤30 ℃

19. Relative humidity: ≤85%

20. Overall power consumption: 4KW

21. Net weight of the instrument: 300Kg

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