Dynamic Viscometer (AI Capillary Viscometer)

Dynamic Viscometer (AI Capillary Viscometer)

This viscometer is used to test the dynamic viscosity of viscous petroleum pitch by using the vacuum decompression capillary viscometer(AI capillary viscometer).
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Product Details

Model: LY-0620

Automatic control of temperature and vacuum degree
 Timing function, manually control timing start and stop

192*64 LCD display, menu operation 
 Precision pressure sensor to measure the vacuum degree
 Maintenance free vacuum pump

Can sync manage 3 groups capillary, tester can automatically calculate the viscosity of each segment, and choose the effective data per standard requirement. 

Automatic calculation of average value, and test result and historical data can be printed

Technical specifications 
Temperature control range: RT-100 , accuracy: 0.1, temperature uniformity: 0.1
Timing range: 0999.9S, timing accuracy: <0.05S
Input power: 2.1KW
Vacuum degree: 300mmhg±0.5mmhg(-40Kpa)
Overall size: 780X520X940mm 
Net weight: 71Kg
Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
Ambient temperature: 545
Ambient humidity: <85%

asphalt institution (AI) capillary viscometer


Comparasion of the asphalt Viscometers 


Test object


Brookfield viscometer

Paving asphalt

Brookfield rotation 

Kinematic viscometer

Viscous petroleum pitch, liquid petroleum 

pitch, bitumen distillation residue

Capillary viscometer

Dynamic viscometer

Viscous petroleum pitch

Vacuum  decompression 

capillary viscometer(AI capillary viscometer)

Engler viscometer

Emulsified asphalt,

Coal tar

Engler viscometer

Saybolt viscometer

Emulsified asphalt,

Liquid asphalt

Viscous petroleum pitch

Saybolt viscometer 

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