Ductility Testing Machine

Ductility Testing Machine

The Ductility testing machine is a specialized equipment to test the ductility of pavement petroleum asphalt, polymer modified asphalt, and the residue of distilled liquid petroleum.
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Ductility testing machine

Model: LY-0605I

Standards: GB/T4508/T0605,JTJ/T06060.JTJ/T0662 ASTM.D113 

The Ductility testing machine is a specialized equipment to test the ductility of pavement petroleum asphalt, polymer modified asphalt, and the residue of distilled liquid petroleum asphalt or asphalt emulsion. The normal test temperature is 25℃, 15 ℃, 10℃, 5℃, the stretch rate is 5±0.25cm/min. when in low temperature, the stretch rate can be 1±0.5cm/min. 

Technical specifications

Stretch length: 1.5m

Displacement accuracy: 1mm

Temperature range: 0~60℃

Temperature accuracy: <0.1℃ 

Stretch rate: 10,50mm/min, self defined

Force measure channel: 2

Force measure range: 500N, 0.5%

Heat power: 4.0KW

Cooling power: 1.2KW

Total power supply: 220V±10%, 4.5KW

Overall size: 2650x454x1120mm

Net weight: 260Kg


More stable, less vibration, better test result, higher efficiency

Stainless steel water trough, dual layer design, heating and refrigeration unit are built inside the layer, when testing, the circulation water pump is closed, reduced the affect to test, No vibration in low speed stretch test

Dual independent water trough, inner and outer dual loop water circulation, when testing, can turn off the inner trough water pump, but also can keep constant temperature

7inch Color touch screen display, freely rotation, can be hovered anywhere

USB data output in Excel format

Independent thermometer guarantee high accuracy 

Dual channel sync force measurement, curve indication optional

Real time indication of stretch progress, test parameters, test time, force curve; 

Data storage, printing, export, automatic calculation of average value

Easy access to historical data

Automatic homing, limit machine stop

Built-in tablet computer, with WIFI, WAN interface

Software functions: test control, information input, data saving, data query, test report print  

Auxiliary equipments for asphalt ductility test

1. Copper mold, internal side surface roughness Ra 0.2um

2. Mold baseplate: glass plate or polished copper plate, stainless steel plate(surface roughness Ra 0.2um)

3. Thermostatic water bath: volume =>10L, temperature accuracy 0.1 ℃, shelf with hole inside bath, shelf to bottom distance >50mm, soaking depth >100mm

4. Thermometer: 0-50 ℃, division 0.1℃ 

5. Sand bath or other heating device

6. Glycerine talcum powder mixture separant

7. Flat scraper, asbestosed wire gauze, ethyl alcohol

       asphalt ductility test mold

Thermostatic water bath                  Ductility mold

Ordering information


Small LCD display, no force measurement

Stretching rate of 10,50mm / min, and freely setup


4.7 inch Large LCD display with printer, no force measurement

Stretching rate of 10,50mm / min, and freely setup


4.7 inch LCD display with printer, force measurement

Stretching rate of 10,50mm / min, and freely setup. 1-way tension measurement, it can display the graph of tension and tension, 

and record the peak tension.


7incl color LCD Display, dual trough dual force measurement, temperature accuracy up to 0.05 degree C. Built in tablet PC, with WIFI, WAN, built in software, with data input, database storage, data inquiry, report print function. 

Stretching rate of 10,50mm / min, and freely setup. 

With automatic homing, limit stop function. Homing speed up to 500mm / min.

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