Bending Beam Rheometer BBR AASHTO ASTM

Bending Beam Rheometer BBR AASHTO ASTM

The bending beam rheometer is used for testing of the bending creep stiffness of asphalt binders.
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Product Details

Model: BBR-500

Standards: ASTM D6648;AASHTOT3143-09;JTGE20;T0627-2011

The bending beam rheometer is used for testing of the bending creep stiffness of asphalt binders under low temperature as per SHRP methods, which is used to evaluate the low temperature fracture characteristics of asphalt binders. The test results including low temperature creep stiffness S(t) and creep stiffness change rate m(t). 

The temperature is lowered from room temperature to -36°C by Peltier technology / compressor, and stirred by magnetic force, the temperature control accuracy is within 0.03°C. The deformation test accuracy of specimen is up to 0.155 microns, the loading force accuracy can reach up to 0.147 millinewtons (0.015 grams), and the load range can be continuously adjusted from 0-450 grams. RS232/IP/USB communication way available between computer and BBR, and the test reports can be output. 


Precision calibration kit (standard weight, calibration beam, calibration dedicated LVDT, digital thermometer);

In most laboratory environments, the cooling temperature up to -40 ° C;

Durable and corrosion resistant structure 

Touch screen or computer control and data acquisition and analysis;

Digital display PID temperature control;

Two independent platinum resistance RTD guarantee accurate temperature control;

Built-in LVDT sensor and force sensor with temperature compensation for more accurate results 

Air bearings ensure stable and precise loading;

ASTM/AASHTO standardized Test mold

Technical Specifications 

1. Loading Mode: air bearing loading

2. Loading Range: 0-500g

3. Loading Accuracy: 0.1g

4. Bending Creep Stiffness Modulus: 20-1000Mpa

5. Displacement Range: 0-50mm

6. Displacement Accuracy: 0.01mm

7. Temperature Range: -40℃-Room temperature

8. Temperature Accuracy: 0.1℃

9. Preloading Force: 35mn±10mn

10. Actual Loading Force: 980mn±50mn

11. Working Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz

12. Dimension: H410*W590*D960mm

13. Gross Weight: approx. 45kg

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