Automatic Digital Penetrometer

Automatic Digital Penetrometer

The automatic digital penetrometer is used to test the penetration of Bituminous materials。
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Product Details

Automatic digital penetrometer,Bituminous materials penetration tester

Standards: JTG E20 T2801, ASTM D5, AASHTO T49

Model: LY-0604

The automatic digital penetrometer is used to determine the penetration of bituminous materials, the penetration is calculated by 0.1mm, standard test temperature is 25 degree C, load weight 100g, penetration time 5s. It also can be used in food industry, and many other industries. Advanced mechanical design, easy regulation of lifting; digital type temperature control meter, accurate temperature control, high precision needle penetration digit meter guarantee the reliable results. Advanced machinery design, easy lifting regulation, digital temperature meter, accurate temperature control, high accuracy needle penetration tester guarantee the reliable test result.


LCD display

Can continuously test 3 times and calculate the average value automatically

Sensor inspection and recalibration function available

The needle rod set can freely within 0-25mm range by the adjusting knob

Penetration needle rod can be manually adjusted up and down freely

Over range automatic prompt

Automatic temperature control

Real time Clock can work without electricity

Can save up to 10 groups test data and can review & print freely

Printer interface optional

RS232C interface available

Equipped with cold light lighting system

Technical specifications

Testing range


penetration timing device

5/15/30/60s is optional, time error <    ±0.1s



Standard    needle


Heater    power


Temperature    control accuracy

(25±0.1)°C (ambient temperature not over    than 20°C)

Temperature    control mode

High precision digital temperature    controller

Constant    temperature bath

Hardened glass jar


Magnetic bead automatic stirring

Standard    needle weight

2.5±0.05g, plunger weight 47.5g, weights    weight 50±0.05g 1pc

Sample    vessel

Metal made, flat base, 70×45mm,55×35mm

Thermostatic    vessel

Glass made, volume >1.5L, height    >80mm, built in stainless steel tripod holder to hold sample vessel

Lifting    frame

Coarse / fine regulation on lifting    device, for easy aligning to specimen surface

Ambient    condition

5~40℃, ≦85%

Power    supply


Overall    size


Net    weight


Standard configurations

Main frame 1set

Standard needle & plunger assembly set, 1unit

50g Standard weights, unit

Thermostatic water trough: 15L with holder inside, 1unit

Sample dish: metal made flat base, Φ55×H35mm 1unit, Φ70×H45(optional),Φ55×H70(optional)

Trigonal supporter 1pc

Magnetic stirring bead 1pc